The Finnish-Italian Chamber of Commerce is an independent, not for profit, voluntary membership organization devoted to foster business relations between Italy and Finland. Italchamber- Finland is a registered organization recognized by the Finnish Law, composed mainly by industrial groups, banks, legal offices and transport companies, as well as many small and medium enterprises. The Chamber is formally associated to Assocamerestero, a network of 81 chambers of commerce with global reach ( Italchamber aims to the promotion of commercial and industrial relations between Italy and Finland, supporting economic interests of its members and constantly creating opportunities and synergies between the two Countries. Italchamber – Finland provides business support and assistance to Italian companies willing to export their business activities to Finland as well to Finnish companies interested to establish a cooperation with Italian companies and institutions; the organization acts as a point of reference for information requests and as a center of visibility for companies, private organizations and public institutions. Italchamber-Finland organizes seminars and events gathering together important local institutions and companies, manages public venues and fairs, continuously promoting Italy abroad. Italchamber Finland’s members elect annually a Board of Directors whose members serve without pay. The Board determines policy, elects the Chamber’s President from among Board members, and chooses an Executive Committee to guide the implementation of policy set by the Board. The Board of Directors employs a Secretary General who reports directly to the President. He advises, makes recommendations, and assists in formulating policies for the Board of Directors and has general charge of the day to day affairs.